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A view from inside

"Shifting landscapes", writes Christoph Studer. "The exhibitions of Jackie Karuti and Archival Ramblings end today, and tomorrow they will be deconstructed to make space for the next. The house is not the same as it was when it opened almost two months ago. Some of this comes down to familiarity: I've heard the squawking of the birds, the groaning of the electric guitar, the chiming of the elevator so often that they shifted into a strangeOhrwurm. And of course, like any installation of this kind, the rooms are in flux: the beanbags keep getting rearranged by visitors sitting in them, books and papers get leafed through, the elevator keeps getting paused at a slightly higher or lower level, the orchid in the entrance hall withers steadily, not meant for such a dark and hostile environment. But beyond that, the works have moved since the opening day: sound has snaked itself into the next room via new speakers, new lights illuminate pieces that originally were kept in the dark. And sound levels seem to adjust from week to week, sometimes surprising me with their sudden emergence. To me, Karuti asks usto reflect on our perception, not seeing ourselves as the measure of all, but rather to attempt to perceive the whole as much as possible, and, by extension, not to be tricked into thinking of things outside of us as eternal. Nothing lasts forever, everything shifts. Even inside the Kunsthalle."


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