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a weather report

"It was very warm that day," writes Sophia Fries, "at least outside. As in most exhibition spaces, in the Kunsthalle the temperatures were comfortably cool. I stayed quite a while amongthe jumbled works, which were not at all randomly arranged – fascinated, until the urgent need for the toilet made me leave the embracing beanbags. There, in this tiny space between the different floors, I was greeted by a fresh wind coming inthrough the open window. While I was peeing I could see the green leaves of the tree holding the Kunsthalle bar, the fast streaming of the turquoise-blue Aare, some snippets of the old town of Bern... 'Weather is the state of the atmosphere,describing for example the degree to which it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy.' This is the answer Wikipedia gives me when asked about the weather. It is something very local. But weather is also the wind, which transports tinysand particles from the Sahara desert to the Morteratsch glacier in Graubünden. Weather is a question of the amount of water in the air. Weather can make rivers dry out. Even though it happens locally, it also happens everywhere all the time, and it alwaysfeels different depending on the body it affects. I wonder what exactly the weather machine in the exhibition is measuring or influencing? The air outside had cooled down and smelled like hot asphalt when I finally left the space. The wet ground told me of a recent summer shower."


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