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fluid things

Unlike the earth, as far as we know, our star, the sun, is not a solid thing.

It too has poles, and they swap quite often - every 11 years or so, at the height of the so called sun spot activity which can be seen on two videos in the show. This activity is scheduled, as it were, to peak next year or in 2025. Solar flares and storms will then be raging. And if for many years there have been theories about the influence of these activities on earth - stock market prices, for example - today there is no doubt that the sun’s volatility can have a direct impact on the earth. In 1989, electricity transformers and power stations in Quebec were blown by the high currents induced by the magnetosphere in power lines. A decade ago, there were several cases of black outs and collapses in radio signals and satellite communications. Today, we are far more dependent on such systems and technologies. The food that is delivered, the wars that are being waged, the blog you are reading: it all depends on systems exposed to the whims of the sun.

Hold tight, Aditya! Look out, earth!


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